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We have noticed, you have noticed.

We've had a lot of people contacting us asking if we have moved yet. The answer is SOON, but not yet. A lot of work still has to be done at the new location and we've only got, 24 days to have everything ready for the grand opening.

Our retail area is still open and fully functional at 108 Queenston Rd but a lot of our overstock is being moved up to the new location. 4Dragons Healing and The Hypnosis Experience are still operating from 108 Queenston Rd and will be moving closer to the end of October, after our Grand Opening.

Speaking of the Grand Opening

We have a full lineup of events and deals for October 1st and 2nd.

Starting on Saturday we are opening at a special time 10 am. The first 30 people through the door get a special surprise gift from us.

For $2 you can pop a balloon and get a special surprise. In the balloons are free crystals, discounts on Reiki Healings, Readings and products. (Limit of 5 balloons per group)

Saturday we have 4 gift baskets. Spend $20, get a ticket, and apply that ticket to any of the 4 baskets you'd like to win. For every $10 spent over the original $20 you get a ticket, the more you spend the better your chances.

Oh, and CAKE. Saturday is the 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Mystic Mojo.

On Sunday we will have a Silent Auction, our famous Stone Basket run by Niki herself, the first 30 customers get a special gift, and oh yeah...MORE CAKE.

We have special offers with readings, healings, and Mark from The Hypnosis Experience giving demonstrations on how hypnosis works.

Just for our opening weekend 108 Queenston RD will be closed so we can focus on the new location. Our opening weekend hours are as above, these are special hours that are only happening for this weekend. An update oh the hours for October is probably already up and able to be found on Facebook.

Along with offering $20 for 20-minute healings on the weekend, Lynn is offering an amazing special deal.

Book a future Tarot Reading with Lynn for only $50, a savings of $30. This deal is also available if you book a group reading and is applied to the original deal that if you book a party of 4 or more with Lynn the organizer of the party is free.

With the fantastic deals going on for the Grand Opening weekend Sean is throwing his hat in the ring. Book a future reading with Sean for $50 (a savings of $30) you will get an invitation to attend the first class of his Living Wicca Course (a value of $40) AND, yup there's more, and you will receive the option to Participate in the Samhain Ritual for $30 (that is a savings of $10). In total, you will save $80 on 2 amazing events and 1 reading. If you book a group reading with Sean on October 1st or 2nd, you will not only get the $50 a person but the organizer is also free.

***Living Wicca and Samhain Celebration is NOT included in a group reading booking***

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