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Grand Opening: The Hangover

Yup, I said it. Our Grand Opening Hangover is in effect. We've managed to get past the big two-day event and now we are trying to come down from the energy and get back to a balance of productivity and relaxation. With that, I wanted to give you all a few memories to look back at from our weekend.


Now that we have moved most of what we need to the new location we are adjusting the 108 Queenston Rd location so that it fits with our Cash and Carry Event. We are looking to try and sell off as much of the remaining stock, furniture, and stuff as we can before closing the doors at the end of October.

We are sad to see 108 Queenston RD go but we know that all of this is a step toward a bigger picture. Though we are losing a location after 6 years we are stepping into a new and exciting chapter of our story.

With the move, we've had to downsize our space but that has only made us get creative with what we have, and work with the smaller space for classes and workshops making everything a bit cozier. This is by no means a step back but many steps forward for us at Mystic Mojo. A new location means new faces, new experiences, and new people to join all of our regulars and family, we are expanding through the people we connect with.


Until the end of October Lynn will be conducting Meditations at 108 Queenston Rd, Reiki and Readings at both locations, and teaching classes at the new location. If you are looking to book an appointment for a reading or healing we would appreciate it if you told us which location would best suit you and your needs.


Amber and Sean are also working through their weekend hangover and looking toward the start of their Living Wicca Course. They are also working on some new products to be added to the already growing lineup of products that Amber has been working on. Sean has opened up his Crystal and Stone Readings and will be taking walk-ins for the month of October.

You can book an appointment at 905-547-3626 or come on in. Sean is working out of 550 Fennell Ave E Unit #18


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our GRAND OPENING.

We had a blast seeing all our friends and family and meeting new friends who we hope will become family very soon. Our doors are now open at the new location. Times can be found on our website, through Facebook posts, or here.

Again, thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping out this weekend, to those who came to see us, and to the lovely staff for everything they did.

Here is to another successful 6 years at this new location.

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