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Construction UPDATE

Over the last week the walls were completed and taped. Two days of painting, and a lot of hard work from staff and amazing friends we managed to get almost ALL the painting done. The spare reading room is the last that needs a second coat of paint then everything will be ready to move in.

The photo's don't do the colour any justice because the yellow is a BRIGHT yellow. The white is a CLEAN WHITE. We're excited to see how the placement of the products will look against the yellow and how it all turns out.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the painting, you all did an amazing job. We look forward to showing you more of the pictures as they happen.


We sent out these images in a Facebook post yesterday but wanted to give you a better picture of how our new signs look. The people we've met so far in the plaza have been so welcoming and we look forward to experiencing the next 5 years with them.

***Don't tell NIKI but I am gonna take pictures of products going into the new store and doing a photo dump here.***


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