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Fall is in the air and so much is starting to come together for us. Psychic Studies will be starting September 12th, our teachers have been planning for the last month and preparing for all of the excitement. Meditations are set and ready, the times for classes are filling up (we have openings for one of the 6:30-8:30pm classes still), and the paperwork is set.

An Introduction to Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca.

Have you wondered why Halloween and many of our holidays are so important? Or, what the ceremonial tools are, like a broom, and how they can be utilized?

Come join us to get to know the similarities and differences of each, along with the basic beliefs, history, and practices.


Have you ever wondered what a Sabbat ritual was? Maybe how it felt? This September 22nd at 6pm, Amber and Sean will be conducting a Mabon Sabbat Celebration.

As an observer, you will be introduced to the energy and ceremony of this Sabbat Ritual and invited to share in sweets and drink after.

As a participant, you will be invited to the circle to fully share in the experience of this ritual. You will be invited to share food and drink after.

A $10 deposit is required on sign-up if you are planning on attending this ritual. Sign up's are taking place now, contact mystic mojo for e-transfer or come in and visit us at 108 Queenston RD.

As a student of this course, you will be participating in Sabbat and Esbat rituals. In class, you will be studying the understanding of the Wiccan path, the tools, and how energy can shape the world around you.

Cost: $40 per class (this includes participation in Sabbat and Esbat Rituals)

*SPECIAL* If you pay for your full year upfront: $1,240 **this includes 5 FREE classes*** + Introduction to Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca + Participation in Mabon Ritual FREE (This deal can also be applied to a monthly payment plan of $310/month)

*SPECIAL* If you pay for half your year up front: $620 **this includes the 5 FREE classes** + Introduction to Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca FREE + Observe the Mabon Ritual FREE

Living Wicca is a path and ceremony based course. Many of the classes will be observed on the day of the Ebate or Sabbat and for the weeks that do not have an Ebate or Sabbat classes will be on Sundays from 12-2pm.

A full calendar will be given out at the beginning of the year so you know when classes are and what time. We will try and keep the class times to the end of the days for those who have work. If you miss a class and wish to make it up, Amber and Sean will be offering make-up days that are pending.

Contact Mystic Mojo for more information or if you have any questions regarding the deals or signing up.

Along with all the new courses and workshops that are being brought to Mystic Mojo we have our returning workshops list from October 2022 - March 2023.

If you want to sign up for any of these workshops we are ready. Sign up with a $20 deposit to guarantee your spot.

***If you are signing up for all 14 of the crazy for crystal class, we are looking for a $100 deposit***

We want to thank everything who has walked the path of 108 Queenston Ave with us. We are looking at our new home of 550 FENNELL AVE as a new adventure that we hope many of you will join us.

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