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What is? Clear and Cleanse - Sound Addition

Can sound work to clear negative energy from your space? Why would you use this method as opposed to smoke cleansing?

In order to understand how cleansing and clearing any space works, we need to first understand negative energy versus negative entity.

Negative energy; is the energy expelled into a space by people with negative emotions and/or intentions.

Negative entity; A spiritual being dwelling in a space with negative intentions (this can be your frustrated grandma, it doesn't have to be evil).

Using sounds to cleanse and clear your space is a vibrational cleansing of energy. If you feel that the negativity in your home or office is entity-based, it would be suggested to consult someone before using any method of cleansing.

Using sound to cleanse a space is safer for everyone if you are working in an area that has high traffic of people who may have allergies to the products you use for smoke cleansing. It does the exact same thing but leaves no scent so there is no chance of reactions.

***Do keep in mind some people are sensitive to different tones of sound so ask the people around you if they are okay with what you are using.***

Our bodies work with vibrations to connect us to other things like crystals, people, and our environment. For example, sound is a vibration that travels from location to location and affects us in different ways. Crystals work on the same premise, they sink with the vibration of our bodies to help us with healing, intention, and other projects. Healers use sound as a support when they are healing people because they understand that our body's vibration links with our central Chakra system.

With this in mind, when we are upset our negative energy which is a lower vibration enters the environment and sticks around. The more that we are negative the thicker the vibrational energy gets until we find ourselves feeling the effects and because we don't think about it or understand why we are feeling something, automatically it's a negative entity when in reality we are feeling the effects of our own negativity.

This is why cleansing our space on a regular basis is a good practice to get into. It is also a good idea to clear your space before and after any big family gathering. You want your house to be clean and organized when people come over, that should go for your energy as well and you can't control the moods and intentions of others coming into your space.

Some of the methods of sound cleansing you can use are things like singing bowls that are used by many as self-healing tools but the vibration can be utilized for the same purpose in your environment. Dumbs have been used by many cultures to create a rhythm as a base for chants or cleansing rituals. Anything audible can be used as the base of your cleansing ritual keeping in mind that there is more to it than just the sound vibration itself.

On top of the instrument, music, or whatever sound you use (even clapping works) you need to have intent. Your intention is what amplifies the vibration of cleansing to make the whole thing work. Write down words or a prayer that you want to add to your sound, or over your music and use that along with your tools to fully clear and cleanse your space.

If you are looking for more information on how and what to do during a clearing and cleansing, Mystic Mojo is having a workshop on this subject. January 21st or January 22nd (pick one date) you can join us and others as we explore the concept of Clearing and Cleansing your Space. For more details visit us on our Facebook page.

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