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Egg Divination: A Light History and How We Use It

First let's start with the actual name, as the writer of this blog, I didn't even know this. The actual Name of Egg divination is Oomancy, deriving from the Greek words Oon (an egg) and Manteia (divination. In Greece and Rome it was often used as a form of divination to tell the future by interpreting the shapes formed by the egg whites in hot water.

This practice is believed to have a history in Greece and the Druids of Scotland. It was used to tell an unborn child's gender, due date, and health. If the egg contained 1 yolk then the mother would have 1 child, 2 yolks, 2 kids, and so on. Another method was to put an unhatched egg between the pregnant woman's breasts and the gender of the chick was the gender of the child, I've never heard of that one before.

Another new one, hard boil an egg. Write the name of a good or goddess on one end and a personal goal you want to achieve on the other. Roll it down a hill, and interpret the outcome by which end is facing up and what direction it is pointing.

*There are a lot of different ways to use eggs for divination that I had no idea about*

Oomancy seemed to have made its way to New England in the late 17th century where young girls were known to use it with a mirror to find out the profession of their future husbands. The Norse would pierce the egg and blow the egg white out into a glass of water and leave it for a day then scry answer to questions.

Along with divination Oomancy is more often connected to the evil eye, or better, the egg is used to help determine if the person has had the evil eye placed on them. Rub the egg all over you then place it on your mantle, alter or, under the bed. The next day, crack the egg into water and let it sit then see what you find.

How do we use it?

Every year we (mystic mojo) have two open-to-the-public classes that are included in the schedule for our students. One of them is Egg Divination or Oomancy. We do this open class in Januaury as a form of divination to see what your year will bring. As in many of the practices we use the egg as an energy collector, then crack it into water. We do a short meditation then go back and look at what we see. We encourage everyone to read their own fortune but also venture to other's and see what they can see there.

My personal expereince with Egg Divination here at Mystic Mojo was surprising. I had never heard of this until 5 years ago when I walked into the store and took the classes. I was hard the first time to see anything so I had one of the other students look at my glass and let me say, everything he said, happened.

Ever since then I have made sure I've been able to do the Egg Divination class and still, everything that I have seen or other's have seen for me, has come true.

***Do keep in mind, a lot of what is seen in the yolk is interpretation. Seeing a mountain doesn't neccessaryly mean you are climbing a mountain, it may be emotional or a spiritual mountain so always keep an open mind when reading your egg yolk.***

Time for the plug:

If you are interested in learning about Oomancy and doing an divination for your year we have three dates and several time slots to choose from.

January 9th: 10am - 12pm OR 1pm - 3pm OR 3pm - 5pm OR 6:30pm-8:30pm

January 10th: 10am - 12pm OR 2pm - 4pm OR 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Januaury 11th: 10am -12pm OR 2pm - 4pm OR 6:30pm - 8:30pm

The cost of this class is $20 per person (if you have paid for your year for Psychic Classes this is included in your cost). Sign-ups are available if you would like to get in now, This is one of our most popular open classes so get in with your name before the end of December or you'll end up losing out.

For more information find us on Facebook

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