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Have you ever experienced a heavy feeling when you enter a room in your home? Or, after a visit from a friend or a family member, you find yourself exhausted and drained? When you open the windows in the spring to do your spring cleaning, do you ever consider cleaning the energy in your home?

Not many people consider cleaning the energy in your home as something that needs to be done on a regular basis, some don't do it at all. As energy-sensitive people, humans have dismissed all of these kinds of feelings as personal and internal struggles and don't want to consider their environment as a possible cause. Heavy energy isn't always negative and negative energy isn't always dangerous.

So many sensitive people jump straight to evil spirits or negative entities when it's actually just your own energy compiled over months. When you come home from a bad day at work, it get's dumped in your home. When the kids are acting up and you get frustrated, that piles on. If you are worried about money, food, or even something like when the best time is to have ice cream, it adds up. Not clearing the energy is like not dusting your furniture, or vacuuming the floor. Layers upon layers of doom and gloom, anxiety and frustration becomes hard to move through.

It's not hopeless. As a matter of fact there are many way you can clear the energy in your home without spending a tone of money.

***I would like to put this here. "Smudging" Is a North American Indiginous Practice. Using smoke to cleanse your space however is known around the world as a technique that is used in many cultures. Sage is a North American Idiginous component to their mix. If you feel compelled to use Sage in your smoke mix, ask permission. Ask questions and understand before you just toss it into your mix.***

Around the world the technique of using smoke to clear energy is known to be used. Incense, resin and herbs are most commonly used in mixes. You need to do your research as to what to use in what mix. Some smoke mix can be used to commune with spirit while other's can be used for clearing energy.

If you have family or friends who are allergic to smoke or incense or senstaive to smells there are other ways you can clear energy in your home.

Sound. Have you ever put on your favorite tune and feel the room's energy lift? Sound is a good way to not only clear energy but balance it. As the sounds of the music, or signing bowl, or meditation music echoes through your space the vibration will lift the bla energy and disapate it until you are able to feel the calm or happy that the room is filled with.

There are crystals that can be used to clear your space then refill it with positive energy. Crystals' like Black Troumaline, which has the ability to absorb negative and heavy energy and transmute it into positive energy. Black Obsidiean, which is capable of not only blocking bad energy from a space but absorbing it and reflecting it back to the person who is causing the energy problem. Selenite is a form of salt and can be used to cleanse an area of negative and heavy energy. These are just a few.

When you have cleared the energy in your space you can now fill it with positive light and energy, ya don't want to leave it just, empty. Once again you can use music to fill the space with light and positivity and you can use Crystals as well.

As the blog writer I have a smoke mix that I use which I am constantly changing and switching up ingredients to make it better and depending on the situation. I use music, my favourite band or even singing bowls from youtube. I don't connect with Stone's and Crystals so I don't tend to use those for much but I do have Obsidian and Selenite in my space to help with blocking and cleansing energy as I enter the room.

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Lisa Jansen
Lisa Jansen
Nov 15, 2022

As someone who does connect with crystals, I wanted to add a few other common ones. Rose quartz brings love into a space. Citrine or amber can bring joy and happiness. Carnelian, kyanite and citrine are also able to clear negative energy.

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