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Snow Full Moon in February

To begin this full moon we look at the New Moon on January 21st, 2023. To understand what this full moon is for we look at snow (yes it's in the title, kind of how this works). Snow is tranquil and cold. A freshly fallen snowscape brings feelings of peace and stillness. It covers the Earth in a blanket giving the ground and growth below the chance to rest and prepare for when the snow melts. We use this time for reflection, getting to know ourselves, and listening to the voice of our internal knowledge.


A suggested New Moon Ritual to start your process. Create a comfortable area to sit, consider blankets and pillows to represent the blanket of snow and the stillness of the spirit. Light a calming candle, maybe lavender, or a scent that brings you peace. A good crystal to have with you is Amethyst for healing and peace. If you feel you need to say a blessing consider what you are looking for. Peace, tranquility, stillness, and knowledge.

If you are comfortable with Binary beats, find something that is calming and brings you to a relaxed state, if you need something with guidance, look for a soothing guided meditation that will help you drift and become settled and calm. These are not necessary. If you like, find a winter lofi mix (you can find so many on youtube), and put that on for background music.

Close your eyes while you sit in your comfortable space and visualize yourself as a snowflake, falling slowly, with each breath you exhale the light wind playfully blows you around the tranquil snowscape below you.

As you fall consider yourself becoming part of the blanket that protects the ground below the layers of snow and the peace that you bring as you set softly on the ground. Take a few more deep breaths, letting them out slowly, then open your eyes.

If you have started a Full Moon Journal it is time to do an entry.

Some question prompts for you;

How did you feel as a snowflake?

Are you comfortable spending an entire day in solitude?

Your Journal entry can be anything you feel you need to write down. Answer your own questions or write your experience as you were sitting in your space.

At this time set your intention. Write it down in an Intention Journal, or your Full Moon Journal, speak it out loud (whispering is still considered speaking it out loud so that is okay), and visualize your intention as you want it to successfully conclude.

To finish let's warm back up. We have been thinking a lot about snow and the cold, let's sip some tea. Try peppermint or mint tea as it is very cool yet warm to the body.


Looking at the snow as a blanket of protection and warmth, cold on the top but thick enough to keep the ground warm underneath. We are the flowers and growth under the snow. During this time of calm, we are building our confidence and waiting for our time to burst forth and create the new beauty of the world.

Growth of our ideas, our intentions, and the environment around us. If you are able to, find the time to pot your own indoor plant or veggie, or if you can't afford to pot it yourself, get yourself an indoor plant that makes you feel connected to the world. Think of this plant as your intention, help it grow by watering it and giving it small amounts of sunlight. During this process think about your intention. How do you want it to grow and blossom?


Trust is a big thing when it comes to the success of your intention. Since we are looking internally during this time we want to know that we can trust ourselves. A good exercise for this is to use a pendulum or your preferred divination style. Create a list of questions to ask, if it is a pendulum then make them "yes" or "no" questions, if you are using oracle or tarot cards, make your questions specific. Remember that your questions should be geared toward your intention and the trust you have in yourself.

Remember to journal everything. This is important so you can go back and look at what you've written, it helps remind you of the process you've gone through and the knowledge that you are giving yourself. It also builds confidence in the future because, you know you got this and when doubt happens, you can read over what you knew then and help you through the rough times.


Two elements of the higher self are connected to the Snow Moon. Your Third Eye Chakra is intuition and your Crown Chakra is connected to higher consciousness. If anyone reading this has gone through any of Mystic Mojo's Psychic studies classes you will know exactly what we are talking about. For those who haven't, the Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows and the Crown Chakra is at the top of your head. Both of these points are connected to higher learning, the higher self, spirit, guides, angels, and others.

If either of these is blocked, slowed, or rotating in the wrong direction you will have a physical effect on your body to indicate something is wrong. Headaches, sleep problems, nightmares, and many other ailments can happen.

If you do not have experience with your Chakra System I recommend seeing a Reiki Healer to help you better understand. There are Chakra meditations online that can help you however it has to do with your energy balance and if you don't have experience with that, you should seek out someone.

If you have experience with your Chakra system, work on helping unblock these points. Meditations are a good way, and crystals if you know how to use them, there are even sets of incense that are designed to help with your Chakra system. If you have a Reiki person, go and see them on this day and give yourself a cleansing and a boost.


Time to let things go. We all have doubts about our success, doubts about our growth, and trust issues with ourselves and others. It's time to let that go, and release it into the universe as something that does you no good. Look at your intention and realize that you can do this, you are able to succeed, and that those voices of doubt, mistrust, and anxiety are not yours and you don't want them. The full moon is the perfect time to solidify your intention and release the crap you don't need.

Create a comfy place, you can use the same idea as you had during your full moon ritual. Take several deep breaths and relax in your calming space. Read over your journal thus far and consider the thoughts and doubts you have built up over this process. Consider where those are coming from. Is this that internal voice of doubt that has always been there? That's the voice of years of doubt from others. Release those thoughts and feelings, they do not serve you. Get a glass of ice, and acknowledge each piece of ice is a doubt that you have. Once you have an ice cube for every doubt take it outside and dump them into the snow.

As the snow melts it will take the ice and your doubts and absorb them into the ground.


This time is all about being grateful, sharing, and giving back. This of someone in your life who has supported you through your hard times. Someone who has given you the support you've needed and allowed you to be yourself.

With that person in mind, write a thank you letter to them. Express how much they have given to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Don't hold back, let out any emotions that come with writing that letter. Once you've written your letter either mail it or hand it to that person. Now ask yourself; How do you feel after taking the time to show your gratitude? Take the time to reflect on those feelings.


We have released doubts about our progress and now it's time to release any negative emotion that is blocking you from your intention.

To start with you are going to cut out several snowflakes from paper. Once you've done that you are going to write any negative emotions, thoughts, or anything that you feel is holding you back in fulfilling your intention onto the snowflakes. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, and feel those doubts. and negative emotions flow out of you and into the words you've written on your snowflakes.

Now in a safe place, outside is best but, in a safe burning bowl, place your snowflakes. Envision yourself sitting outside with a campfire. Light your snowflakes and picture snow melting in your campfire. Let the universe take your words, feelings, and snowflakes of doubt from you, and give up those negative emotions.

Once your snowflakes have burned fully, smother your fire then take the ashes outside. Dig a hole in the snow and dump the ashes there, covering it back up. As the snow melts it will take the ashes to the ground where they will be used to nourish growth during the spring.


From the beginning to now you have expelled a lot of energy. You have released a great deal of what does not serve you and you are now seeing the results of your work begin to grow. This is the time to reenergize yourself.

Through this Snow Moon, we have been visualizing a lot of snow and cold. The stillness of the freshly fallen snow and the individual snowflakes that create a beautiful image of a snowscape. During this time of energizing, we are going to take a nice hot bath or shower.

Using crystals, oils, scrubs, or whatever you feel you need during this time to help you warm up and feel revitalized. Once you've completed your bath or shower treat yourself to body lotion or body oil.

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