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Preparing for the Cold Full Moon on December 8th, 2022

Many believe that in order to harness the full moon you must do your intention work on the day of the full moon. In fact, your intention work starts on the New Moon that is set before the full moon, and there's after as well. It's a full cycle of 28 days from beginning to end.

The cycles of the moon influence our intention work when to start your intention, steps to help you gain the momentum and energy for your intention, and finally, the aftercare of yourself when you've fully realized your intention. In this blog, we are going to go through the steps of your intention setting that will match with the Cold Full Moon on December 8th, 2022.

The Cold Moon is named for the time of year. December is cold and dark, and a great deal of intention work is done inside, internally within yourself. It is time to light the internal fire of passion with your intention. It is also a time to look internally for the motivations to work through the darkest times of the year.

November 24th to November 30th - Waxing Crescent Moon

This is the time to discover your passion, light the internal flame of desire, and find your inspiration. Play your favorite music and create an inspirational mood board loaded with images that remind you of your intention. As an example, as the writer of this blog, I will be using this moon to set the intention of reigniting my passion for pyrography (the art of burning images into wood). I will create a collage of images of burned projects to help inspire my creative side to start working on it again. I will also display past projects that I have by hanging them on my wall or setting them out to look at.

*** A good stone to have during this time is Fire Agate. It helps with increasing your passion and keeps you grounded so that you don't get too carried away or lost in the idea of your intention. Sometimes we can get carried away and we need something to bring us back down. ***

December 1st - December 7th - Waxign Gibbous Moon

Sometimes we need to take a moment and reassess where our intention is going. If we got a little carried away with our intention, this is the time to thin it out. Aim for ONE intention then build from there. The idea of pyrography is amazing, selling my images is great as well but maybe try and keep the images too simple for now. Instead of looking at full images, maybe something smaller. Build up to the bigger pieces. Apply stages to the intention, maybe a starting point and an endpoint.

December 8th - COLD FULL MOON

At this point, you've worked out most of the kinks to your intention and now it's time to break a very important barrier. DOUBT. Doubt and lack of confidence are both internally and externally influenced. Time to kick those people who doubted you out of your head so you can work past their words. Many of our internal struggles are due to external influences and in turn, they become our internal voices towards ourselves. This is the time to let those go.

I am a words person, so writing down things is natural. Writing your intention on the top of the page, write down all the words that people have said that have caused you to doubt your intention. Once you've written down everything, write down your own internal doubts, see how they are similar?

Take that piece of paper and fold it up as small as it will go. In a safe bowl or location, light a fire, add a cleansing mix to it (cedar, incense of release) then toss that paper right into that fire and watch it burn. Internally imagine those words burning up along with the cedar and incense, they are no longer yours. They are no longer going to influence you, you are free of those doubts.

Thank the universe for accepting your doubt and freeing you from it. Treat yourself to a bath or some hot chocolate and feel the warmth of your flame strengthening.

December 9th to December 15 - Waning Gibbous Moon

This is the time to give to someone else. You've done so much internal work it's time to express yourself externally to someone who has been your support. Give them something to show your appreciation or simply give them the time they need to lean on you. Giving a part of your fire to them will help warm their cold winter and show them gratitude for what they have done for you. Since my intention is to rekindle my creative side with pyrography, a gift of something that I have worked on or a gift of self-care to the person who has been my support.

December 16th - Third Quarter Moon

This is the time to release the built up emotions you have from the process over the last several days. No doubt there is upset and anger towards those who have doubted you and have caused doubt within you. Perhaps with everything you've done, you were able to release a lot of energy and you just need time to process and release the emotions attached.

At this time, be kind to yourself. A warm bath, some tea, and forgiveness is the key.

December 17th to December 22nd - Waning Crestent Moon

You did it. You've successfully worked through your intention and it is time to rest and recharge. Enjoy your intention without any baggage. You've used up a lot of energy to get to this point and at this moment, through these days, it's time to recharge and get ready for the next New Moon.

With every New Moon to Full Moon and beyond there are different strengths and different intentions for each. Starting with the December COLD FULL MOON we are introducing a monthly introduction to each of the moons and how the cycles before and after can be used to intensify your experience.

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