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Full Wolf Moon: January 6th, 2023

Like the Full Cold Moon, we start our intention process on the New Moon.

Some things to consider when setting an intention for this moon. Consider the behaviors of a wolf, there is a reason why this is called the Full Wolf Moon. A wolf during the winter is hungry and aggressive. There is a limitation on food and they must protect their pack from dangers, including the cold. They forge their own path to acquire food and protection.

This is a dangerous energy to work with so you have to be very careful as to what you set your intention for. Do not use the power of the Full Wolf Moon for Love, Self-Love, or any kind of intention that could become dangerously obsessive.

With that, let's get started.

December 23rd, 2022 - NEW MOON

During this time we need to think about what intention we want to set for this moon cycle. Tuck into a relaxing place, a comfy chair, or on your bed. Get a cup of tea, or hot chocolate and grab a piece of paper and a pen. At this time we want to focus on our intentions, and write them down. Make a list, brainstorm, and don't hold back. Once you've collected a list read it over and cross off those which don't fit with this moon energy or you aren't ready for yet. On a separate piece of paper or in your intention/moon journal, write down the intention you want to move forward with. Tare up the other list into pieces and burn it letting the universe know that these are not for right now.

***As the writer of this blog I am starting my own intention journal to use for each of the moon cycles so that I can go back and see how far I've come and what I've been able to accomplish.***

December 24th to December 29th - Waxing Crescent

It's time to grow your intention. Whatever your intention is, it's time to do your research, forge your path, and get ready to take action. During these 5 days, you should be doing research, looking into things, and writing stuff down. Take into consideration that this is also a time to build yourself up to be prepared to take action. Show yourself a little extra love as you take the time to prepare for the next step.

December 30th - The First Quarter

Time to take action, the first step on your path toward fulfilling your intention. The time you took to show yourself that extra love will pay off as you trust yourself and your instincts. Understand that the wolf's instinct is synonymous with its movements, it knows when to take slow calculated steps or to rush in to attack its prey. On this day connect with your animal instinct as your actions combine with trust in yourself to move forward with your intention.

December 31st to January 5th - Waxing Gibbous

For these six days take the time to assess your actions and the path you are taking. Make the adjustment you need, are you being too aggressive? Have you lost sight of something? Are you harming others to get to your end goal? Sit down with yourself and read over what you originally wrote as your intention, have you strayed from that, or are you heading in the right direction? Make the adjustments you need and give yourself a break, sometimes we get caught up in what our intentions are and we end up with blinders on, hyper-focused on the end goal and missing everything around us. Take the time to rest, burn out is real.

January 6th, 2023 - Full Wolf Moon

This is the time to let go of all the blockages that are holding you back. When the moon is full it is time to release and kick the things that don't serve you and your intention. When we reassess our path sometimes we realize that we've done some things that weren't healthy or not needed. This is the time to get rid of those things, those intentions, and allow yourself the chance at a little piece. We all make mistakes, this is when we can truly correct them.

Grab your intention journal/moon journal and sit back with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Read over your intention, the steps you have gone through, the information you've gathered, and the steps you took to adjust your bath. Give yourself the chance to truly absorb how far you have come and allow your mind to drift. On a piece of paper (not in your journal) write down the things that come to mind, the troubling thoughts, and any words that come to mind that are negative towards your intention. Once you've created that list ball it up and take it outside, dig a hole and bury it. Allow yourself a moment to speak with the Earth and thank it for taking all of those negative things away and giving you freedom.

Head back inside and take the rest of the time to just chill. Exist in the moment and feel your freedom from all of the upset that you just released.

January 7th to January 14th - Waning Gibbous

During these seven days, it's time for gratitude. Be grateful for the life you have, the people who support you, those who love you unconditionally (pets), and all the other things that are positive in your life. Start a gratitude journal or add a section to your intention/moon journal to allow yourself a chance to go back and read about the things you feel grateful for at this time. If you feel compelled to, show your gratitude to the people who have supported you, it can be as simple as a thank you or as elaborate as a gift.

January 15th - The Third Quarter

Time for a little shadow work. You've released a lot of the fears, insecurities, and blocks that have stopped you from progressing but there are those deep-seated traumas that sometimes we need to spend time with. This is the day that you reach deep down and take hold of those traumas and kick them to the curb. It is time to truly feel safe within yourself. There are many ways of doing this, do some research to discover the best one for you.

January 16th to January 20th

Rest. As the wolf returns to its den after a hunt you also need the chance to take a break and re-energize yourself before the next New Moon. You've done the work, emotionally you are probably exhausted and your intention is in full swing. It's time to guard yourself against burnout and take a break. Prioritize sleep and make sure your den/bedroom/space is designed for your best sleep. Get an indoor plant (caution for those who have pets), use essential oils, or even just change around some things on your bed. Make sure that your space is yours.

The next full moon is the Cold Full Moon.

For the purpose of interest and sharing, if anyone is wanting to share your experience with a full moon cycle then please comment.

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