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A Little Bit About Our Community


Mystic Mojo: A story about Us

     In the year 2010, the founder of Mystic Mojo, Nicole wanted to create a place where those of all beliefs and paths could come together and learn from one another. As a practicing psychic she understood the difficulties some people had in understanding their abilities and wanted to reach out to those interested in learning how to hone their skills. Through her Psychic Studies classes, Nicole has reached hundreds of people and shown them that "everyone is psychic". 

     As the years passed her knowledge grew along with her ability to reach out to more and more people. Now, with many years behind her Nicole has begun to gather new teachers, practitioners of many different paths, and even those who have been able to encompass science with spirituality, to open the doors of Mystic Mojo to an even larger community. 

     As the idea of Mystic Mojo continues to grow so do the people that have become an important part of its legacy.  Without losing sight of the reason why it was created, Nicole has been able to direct those she has brought in and continue to focus on what is important. The community as a whole. 


Sean is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who blends together multiple areas of expertise to provide insightful and empowering readings and counseling sessions. With a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and years of experience as a psychic and crystal stone reader, he possess a deep understanding of spirituality and its impact on the human experience. His pastoral counseling background further adds to his ability to guide and support individuals in their journey towards growth and self-discovery. Once you meet him, you may feel drawn to seek his counsel for a unique and uplifting experience.

4Dragons Healing.png

4Dragons Healing

What made me open 4Dragons Healing you may ask?

I started my jouney in 2006. It was a 10 year jouney from Reiki Level 1 until I got my Reiki Master's Level.

On my jouney I had two Masters to learn from. The first taught me how to balance myself and sit in a good space mentally, physically, and emotionally, while the second taught me how to heal myself in all those aspects.

My dream for 4Dragons Healing is to become the place where people can find the inner peace and healing that they need and leave my space balanced and better prepared for the life that they live. 

I want to bring the knowledge that I was given to those who are looking to learn Reiki and be a guide to those who are looking for growth and balance through energy healing.  

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