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September 22nd 
October 6th

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 By Appointment

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Many people have been looking for guidance in what is now a world of confusion


Card readings can help you through your path, begin your path, and step through barriers to your end goal. Through the use of mediumship our readers are able to give messages from your guides, ancestors, and accended masters.

Crystal and Stone readings are very different

A Crystal and Stone Reading uses your energy, infused with the stones to give a detailed reading about several different directions, possible obstacles, and outcomes to the situation you are going through. Sean's connection and understanding of his chosen stones allows him to give you guidence in your situation and answer any question you may have.

Good Reads

Information is Growth

The first ever blog was in 1994 and they are still going strong. Used for information, creativity, and expression, blogs can be helpful in our learning process.


 As we build our posts and start to learn more about what people are looking for, we are expanding our horizons. 

New blogs to look for include, educational and entertaining books that you may enjoy. How to use products, and as many fun and exciting facts that we can find.

Wanna read a few of what we have? 

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Event Listings

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2023 is full of fun and interesting events

At home and on the road Mystic Mojo is going to be busy and we want you to join us. 

We are constantly working on new idea's, contacting people for special events, and trying to fill our calander with fun activities for all of our students, staff, and customers. 

For More Information on the events we have ready

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