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Easter Egg Hunt

April 1st and 2nd

(No this is not an April Fools Joke)

We are kicking it off with a store wide sale on select products. Then, while Mum and Dad are shopping, we have an opportunity for the kids to do a side quest, we will have hidden some plastic Easter Eggs in the store. You're job is to find 1 of those eggs. All of the Eggs have special crystals in them (No sorry, no chocolate). A select few eggs will have even more surprises. Good Luck.

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Mother's Day


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Other Events


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Crafter's Market

April 15th and 16th

Join us for our first ever Crafters Market. We are opening up one of our classroom and giving our in-store crafters the space to showcase their work. 

There is a wide variety of creativity so you don't want to miss it. 

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The Rock Space (Full Year)

A full year of Events with The Rock Space

Last year we were invited up to The Rock Space in Kitchener for an amazing one day event. Spend $50 or more in-store and you get a FREE reading with one of the two psychic's on site. 

This is a full list of who is going to be up there and when. 


Father's Day Gifts


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