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Amethyst: Known as the Queen of the crystals. Calming, enhances intuition and growth. 


Clear Quartz: The Master Amplifier - used for various metaphysical purposes. Enhances energy, and life force flow.


Smoky Quartz: Acts as a shield for negativity and can help the user appear "invisible" to entities or attachments. Helpful for stress and mental clarity. Grounding and protection.


Cacoxenite: Known as the "Stone of Ascension" it will bring on spiritual enlightenment, shift your awareness and promotes new concepts. Opens the Third Eye and Crown.


Goethite: Powerful grounding stone for emotional blockages, grief or hardship. Releases pain and aids in the process of healing. Creativity and Focus.


Lepidocrocite: The most calming, yet enthusiastic crystal. Helps in anti-anxiety and easing depression. Retaining knowledge and joy in the heart chakra.


Rutile Quartz: Best tool for increasing love in relationships. Rutiles are thin crystal structures embedded in other crystals. Promotes positivity, self-confidence and golden aura shine to all chakras.


No need to cleans a Super 7.

Super 7 Seed of Life Charm Pendulum

SKU: 00071
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