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Do you believe you have a birth guardian angel, and other unique spiritual guides, entities or beings that have been assigned to you for this lifetime? Have you ever needed some guidance, some kind of sign from above or beyond, or even a special message from one of those entities or forces you just know to be out there? Did you know that Divinely-inspired messengers abound in your surrounding space, and indeed, throughout the entire Universe, and that each carries a profound message for your particular zodiac sign? In this beautiful and inspiring book, Lani Sharp delivers directly to you the channelled messages she has received from the Angels, Tarot, Genies, Spirit Animals, Runes, Devas, Crystals, Numbers, Chakras, Gods & Goddesses. From Aries through to Pisces, messages are delivered from the Divine realms directly to you throughout these pages, with a genuine warmth, love and truth that will set your spirit on fire and your soul free. Divine Zodiac Messages contains a treasure chest of ancient, infinite, sage and timeless wisdom that will assist you along your own unique life Path!

Divine Zodiac Messages: Guidance from Angels, Tarot, Genies, Animals, Runes...

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