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Why Candle Magick is NOT as easy as you think

Updated: May 5, 2023

In the beginning of my practice I was often found with my nose buried in a book. Often times i was making notes and trying to figure out what the best path for me to follow was. Something I noticed was in many books the first use of Magick was candle magick.

*** Before doing any kind of energy work please research protection ***

Candle Magick is an easy starting point but it's not a walk in the park. A lot of books downplay the dangers when it comes to this kind of magick becaseu, it's a candle. Right? NO!!

I am not trying to scare people away from learning this practice but I want to make it clear,

ALL FORMS OF MAGICK HAVE DANGERS. Candle Magick isn't any different.

There is a lot of research that goes into this before you light that candle. Let's break it down.

First and formost is INTENTION. This is one of the biggest points that you need to focus on. What is your intention? A success spell? A love spell? Feritlity? Once you have figured out what your intetnion for the spell is, write it down. Write down the pros and pitfalls to the intention.

Success: Pros - A feeling of accomplishment

- Financial stability

- More freedoms outside of work

Success: PItfalls - Hurting or taking away from others to get that success

- Manipulating free will to guarantee that success

- Becoming overwhelmed by the success you recieve

Is the term Success specific enough for your spell? Are there other questions you would be asking yourself before you continue the next step???

How about a hint....Success can mean many things to different people. A large family is successful to one person, while making partner at a company is success to another. Then there are those who feel Money is there success and still others who feel Freedom is a success. Maybe looking more into how you understand the term success will help you pinpoint your intention a little better.

Once you've written down your intetion, have fully focused and pinpointed what you want out of this spell, it is time to write the spell itself. Now, there are many people who say that it need to rhyme, I personally don't make my spells rhyme. I am precise and direct with the words I juse and my full intention is realized with the words that I have written. WORDS HAVE POWER! In this case, the words are as powerful as intetion itself. If you are able to rhyme words, go for it. Make it count and know what those words you are using mean.

Ounce you have hashed out your intention and your spell it's time to get supplies and do more research. Depending on your intention there is a lot to consider. What day to do the spell? What time of day to do the spell? These are not always a factor when you do your candle magick but they weigh in if you are looking for the optimum energy output into your intention.

Supplies are the things you're gonna need for this to work. A candle, obviously. What kind of candle is a good question. There are so many different types of candles that you need to research which one workds best for you. Are you going to carve into it, then you want something like a Pillar where there is more surface. Tealight candles are small and good to travel with if you are looking to preform your spell in the woods or in another location. This is something you need to consider.

Also, for the candle itself, the colour. Colour plays a very important roll it needs to match your intention and that will help with how powerful this will work. Depending on your intetion you choose the colour that works best with that. If you can't find the colour of candle you need a white candle is universal and you can envisioning your intention or carve the colour into the candle so that it's there for you to see.

There are other things you can consider like herbs, oils, glitter, and so many other things. Use what is best for your intention (more research). I have done many candle magick session without using anything but candles but the more you add to your intention the more powerful that it will become. BE WARNED: Powerful isn't always best. Yes, you want this out there and you want it to work, but sometimes subtle is key. Don't get carried away.

The location you are doing this stpell is important. You don't want anything to interrupt you part way through or you have to wander off to let the dog out while you are working on this. A quiet space, your altar, or a place that you can close the door and lock out the world for a bit is a good start.

Cleanse your space: Whereever you decide to do this, make sure the enrgy is good. Cleanse and clear the space so that no one else's bad vibes are in the way, (this includes your own bad vibes). Oh and when it comes to cleansing your space, cleanse yourself as well. Take a bath or shower to relax, kick off the crap of the day or the stress that something is causing you. Your energy is what counts here and if you're in a modd, this sin't going to go the way you want. Cleansing also includes your tools for this spell. Your candle and any other tools or offerings, or things that you are brining in to see the spell.

Once you have cleansed your chandle, set it up, and charged it with your intention you can leave it alone. Much like stones and crystals your candle needs to be energetically charged with your intention. Good time to do it is when your candle and space are freshly cleansed. Visualize your end goal for this intention and that way you want go about reach it. KEEP IT PERCISE! Don't let your mind wander, focus entirely on your intention.

Once you've cleansed your space.....and listen very clearly.....PROTECTION.....let me say this agian for the people in the back. PROTECTION. Often times when reading books about magick they assume that you have had some sort of teachings and don't really add this to their writings. I am here to say, never do anything without protection.

There are different emthods of protecting your energy and space when oding spells. Calling the four Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Bagriel, Uriel), calling upon the Guardians of the Watchtowers, or however you protect yourself. This is important for a few reasons, you don't want anything unwanted entering into your space, and you don't want to put out anything that could be harmful to others.

*** Animals: Cat's live between the worlds, they see things and interact with things we don't see. They can pass through our bubbles and protection without causing any kind of disruption to our energy practice. Doggo's however are very disrubptive because they are so high wired and in this existance that they can and will disrupt our energy work. ****

Once you have taken all the steps and have prepared yourself, light your candle. This is your ritual so do it as you need too. Remember there are some rules that should be followed.

Never break away from your spell until it is completed. In some cases that is until the candle is burned out, in other casses it is a long process and you will need to come back over a few days, so know when you need to step away.

The Power of THREE: When speaking your spell, repeat it three times. Don't rush it, process between speaking and take it slow. You want your energy to mix with your intention and your words to make this work.

In many cases the spell is fully complete when the candle is burned out completely. In some cases, depending on how you feel about the spell, time of day/month/year it may be a multi-day spell. If you feel your energy and intention have been released about the candle has burned out, then, complete your spell by thanking your protection and closing your circle. If you feel that the spell is going to take more then one day (or one session) then complete this session by putting out the candle (NEVER BLOW IT OUT...SNUFF IT) then proceed to then thank your protection and close your circle.

****If you are looking for more information on Creating a Circle, what for our upcoming blog on CREATING ENERGY CIRCLE AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT DURING SPELL WORK ***

If you are interested in more information about spell work or any other aspect of Magick or Psychic abilities contact us at 905-547-3626 and speak with someone about our Psychic Studies Course or Living Wicca Course.

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