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What is? Evil Eye

If we are going to understand the amulet that is commonly referred to as the "Evil Eye" we need to first understand that this is not the curse but the object that is used to deflect the curse known as "the evil eye".

So where did this all start? Though this isn't exact it is believed that the evil eye dates back at least to Ancient Ugarit (modern-day Syria). From here we see mention of the evil eye in Greek writing, Both Greeks and Romans believed that the evil eye could affect both humans and animals. From this we can understand that it has been over 5,000 years and many cultures have believed in the idea of the evil eye but what exactly is it?

Some suggest that it is a curse transmitted through a malicious glare, usually one inspired by envy. In basic terms, jealousy. When you are successful in something and the people around you are jealous of what you have achieved the energy that expells from their gaze is what is considered the evil eye. Intentionally or otherwise we've all given someone the evil eye because we all have a streak of envy and jealousy in us. If we did it with the intent to harm then we would bring misfortune that can be financial, physical, or otherwise.

Now that we understand what "The Evil Eye" is, what is the amulet? The amulet used by so many to ward against the evil eye, is not called "The Evil Eye" as so many do. This is known as Nazar, it's an Arabic word meaning sight, surveillance, attention, and other related concepts. The Nazar is in the image of an eye, consider if you will "an eye for an eye" where another eye can be used to protect the recipient of the malicious gaze.

The Turkish boncuk is a glass bead characterized by a blue glass field with a blue or black dot superimposed on a white or yellow center. Historically old, the blue bead has gained importance as an item of popular culture in Modern Turkey. The bead probably originated in the Mediterranean and is associated with the development of glass making.

With all of this in mind when you are shopping and see the image above advertised as The Evil Eye, you can purchase these amulets with the confidence of knowing that this is not THE EVIL EYE but an amulet to ward off the effect of malicious intention. Also, you can ask the store staff if they know which eye amulet you are purchasing, and see if they can tell you the difference.

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