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What is? Crystal Sand

Crystal Sand is a cool concept but what is it and what can we use it for?

When a crystal is shaped into a form there are fine pieces of that crystal that are chipped away. It doesn't matter the size of the crystal, it still has the same ability as a larger piece of the same crystal. So you can use these for anything you use a larger crystal for, but in some cases, Crystal Sand might be easier to use.

For instance, if you are living in a situation where having a lot of large crystals is inconvenient because of space, or if you are still in the closet when it comes to your faith or your beliefs you can use the crystal sand as you would an actual crystal. A crystal sand art piece can be used to heal the energy of a room just as well as a piece of amethyst. In the same instance, if you don't have very good doorframes for holding crystals to protect a room you can use the crystal sand as a line across the threshold that will do the same thing.

It can be used to seal a room once cleansing is done, you can even cleanse your bracelets and other jewelry by setting them into the sand. There are so many uses for this sand that it's a surprise something hadn't come up with this sooner.

This sand can hold intention the same as any larger crystal and you cleanse and program it the same. Pour the amount needed into a bowl and place it in the moonlight for the night. If you place it out just before the sun goes down and retrieve it just after the sun comes up you will also get a blast of solar energy in there too.

Once you've done that, place the bowl in your nonprogramming hand then place your programming hand over top. Repeat your intention three times as your energy enters the bowl of crystal sand.

It's that easy. Now you can use that bowl for whatever your intention is. Keep in mind, you are still looking for the crystal sand that suits your intention, it is like picking crystals.

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