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There is so much happening right now that our heads are spinning. Niki is running between the two stores getting things set up for October 1st, which is in 15 days. She's setting up the new retail, organizing the backroom spaces, and putting the finishing touches on the classrooms.

While that is going on we are still doing workshops and classes, 108 Queenston RD is still open for shopping, and we're getting set for the October Sale to start.

No one is left without a job to do.

We have helpers packing up stock from the old store to move to the new store, we're working double time on advertising and marketing, and we are still getting new products that will be released at the new store in October. No sneak peeks for those things, Niki is keeping a title lip on the new pretties.

While Niki is running around getting 550 Fennell Ave Unit #18 ready, Amber and Sean are busy at work organizing their new Course Living Wicca and finalizing their information for their Introduction to Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca workshop this coming Saturday, September 17th. Amber is working on new products to be introduced at the new store and along with all her new fun pretties, all of our Crafter's Market people are designing and bringing in new products to fill 550 Fennell Ave Unit #18 with amazing products.

Our excitement levels are through the roof with new projects that are coming at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. New workshops and events, new services, and new special offers. As a peek at what we're talking about here are a few new ideas we've been bouncing around this year.

We've done our research, looked at products, and are ready to release Mystic Mojo's first-ever Psychic Subscription Box. With two levels available, a $30 box that has basic information and products and a $50 box that has more advanced information and products. We will be taking orders for these around December. Watch for more information.

That is just one of many new projects that we've been working on through 2022. So look forward to all the fun and excitement.

Thank you to everyone who is coming with us on our next big journey. We are happy and excited to share with you all as we step into a new chapter of the book that is Mystic Mojo.

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