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Service UPDATE

Many of you who visit our website know of the services that we provide on site at the store. For those of you who are new and are looking to get a quick look at what we offer, this blog post is for you.

This is a quick TLDR of what we offer to our customers in both services and products both online and in our physical location.

Several of the services we provide come from the amazing and loving Lynn, the creator of 4Dragons Healing. With her knowledge in Reiki she is able to offer services that provide energy balancing and healing. From a quick walk in healing to a full one hour healing. She also offers meditations 3 times a week for those looking for a relaxing and fast escape from the every day hustle of life, meditation is also good for healing and balance (see what I did there).

Lastly, Lynn is a student of Mystic Mojo's own Niki (Our founder). She has taken the years of teaching and practice given to her and developed a connection with not only the Tarot/Oracle Cards but also to spirit, guides and past loved ones. Her psychic abilities have grown and she is now open to sharing her knowledge through the guidance she helps provide from her readings.

To book an appointment, check out our BOOKINGS PAGE

Stones and Crystals contain their own personal energies. They exude these energies to resonate with people allowing them to be a healing source for many. They are also porous which means they can absorb energies from objects and people around them.

Through the method of energy transfer, your energy to the stones, Sean is able to guide you on a path of understanding and new beginnings. He can help you work out what may be holding you back or why you are not able to move forward.

To book an appointment, check out our BOOKINGS PAGE

Finally we have Niki. Yup, left till last but still the top of the list. Niki is a the founder of Mystic Mojo and our most popular reader (for obvious reasons). For the past 30 years Niki has been working with Tarot/Oracle cards to give guidance to those who come to her. Through mediumship she has passed messages from spirit, ancestors, and guides to help many on their path to understanding.

To book an appointment, check out our BOOKINGS PAGE

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