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Yup, I said it. It is October 8th and we are already thinking about what we have to work toward for Christmas. This is not a post about shopping for gifts or that (those will come later), this is a blog giving you all a sneak peek at what we will be releasing in November and December and some of the deals to look forward to. This is just the start of the fun that we are planning for the Holiday Season.

Cleanse and Clear Your Home 101 is a workshop that is offered before the Holiday Season and after to help you rid yourself of the energy that is building up and left behind by getting together with family and friends. Everyone has energy, negative and positive, we want to help you free your space of the negative while bringing in the positive. This workshop takes you through many different traditions from around the world and here at home and offers a perspective on all of them. You will get to create your own smudge mix using incense, cedar, and other components. The cost is $60 which includes all of your supplies, a booklet that you can go through to refresh when you need, and of course the class itself.

The Tarot 101 Intensive offers you a compact 3-hour lesson on how to read tarot cards. By understanding and creating a story you will be able to follow along and learn the meanings of each of the cards. Follow and trust your instincts while reading and find the right deck that is just for you.

The cost of this intensive is $120 which includes your booklet, a Rider-Waite Tarot Deck to keep, and the class. If you would like to upgrade your deck from Rider-Waite to another deck at the store, speak with one of our sales associates and they can let you know the cost difference.

Only the second group of people who are seeing our newly developed and ready-to-release Monthly Subscription Boxes.

January, a month of blessings and cleansings, the beginning of a new year and new possibilities.

This $30 subscription box gives you the basics of what you will need to cleanse and keep your house cleansed after a crazy time of energy transfer with family and friends.

Understanding the darkness of the moon, the goddess, and that of winter one can understand the beauty of the winter blessing.

This $50 subscription box is for those with a deeper understanding of their magick and psychic abilities. Each monthly box comes with incense, crystals, and a special object that connects with that month.

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