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Living Wicca: A full course on understanding the Wiccan lifestyle

Lifestyle: the way in which a person or group lives.

Many people have been coming to terms with the idea that every choice you make is part of your lifestyle. Food, spending money, and so much more are now at the forefront of the world, and the use of the word Lifestyle. Healthy Lifestyle, Frugal Lifestyle Etc.

What if you could encompass all the things that you see in your lifestyle and bring it back to a more natural and simple path? A Wiccan Lifestyle is just that.

Wicca is an earth-based faith that uses Witchcraft as part of its practice for solitary, coven, or circling group members. Furthermore, while it is a faith that one may embrace as their own, it is a lifestyle meant to be lived.

Through the teachings of High Priestess Amber and High Priest Sean, you will learn the faith, traditions, and practices of the Wiccan lifestyle and how it may best suit you in your path through this life.

You will learn to use magick along with ritual and faith to walk the path of Wicca.

A short explanation of the term Magick is the “ of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change. Magick is neutral, neither good nor evil. The practitioner decides how they would like to focus this natural energy.” So the “k” was added to make the distinction between the two and give proper respect to both terms.

Many of the classes you will experience follow the cycles of the moon and the changing of the seasons. Esbats are moon cycle based while Sabbats are Seasonal Celebrations and Mid-Season Celebrations that our ancestors followed for survival but we can follow for a more natural flow of energy and self.

By stepping back from the progress and overload of the world today and hitting the "reset" button on our physical selves, taking the time to look at how nature and humanity coexist and extending that understanding to the Wicca faith we can reach back to our roots and live a lifestyle that suits not only one's natural physical self but one's spiritual self.

Consider this course your level 1 "RESET". Level 1 of this course will give you history, basic understanding, and practice in Living the Wicca Lifestyle. If you complete level 1 (36 weeks plus the remaining 5 Esbats and Sabbats to complete a full year) you will have the option to continue into Level 2. (Makeup dates are available for anyone who misses one of the classes and is interested in completing the course. We understand that life happens and we will do everything we can to make this course available to those who want to take it.)

If you are simply looking to experience and Participate in the Sabbats come in and speak with Amber or Sean about being included in the Celebrations.

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