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Incense and Supplies

Choose your Incense

Dragons Blood 0001.JPG
Aloe-Vera 003.JPG

Incense Powder is used along

with a charcoal puck and a heat

resistant plate or burner.

These cones require charcole and a safe heat surface

Dragons Blood.JPG

Back flow cones can be used on burners designed for them

Chakra Incense Sticks

Use these incense sticks to help balance and sooth your chakras

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Choose your Burner

Wood Moon_edited.jpg

These burners are used with Incense Sticks to catch the ashes and keep surfaces clean.

Powder & Cone Incense Burners

These burners can be used with both powder and cone incense. ***These are not back flow cone friendly***

Back Flow Incense Burners

These creative and visually pleasing burners allow you to empower your space while enjoying the aesthetic of the burner.

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