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Tarot Card Intensive

This one day, 4 hour workshops will get you on track to understanding how your tarot cards work. The story you can tell yourself that will help you remember meanings, understanding, and allow you to free up your mind to connect in order to give a solid and truthful reading to your clients and yourself. 

For more information contact 905-547-3626 and speak to one of the sales associates. 

Introduction to Healing Energy May 28th.png

Introduction to Healing Energy

May 28th is the make up date for the cancellation of May 7th. If you are still interested in participating in the introduction there are still a couple of spots left.
If you sighed up for the May 7th workshop, don't worry, you are first in on this new date. 

This workshop is a prerequisite to Reiki Level 1 coming in July, 2023
For more information call 905-547-3626

Mystic Mojo & The Rock Space

The amazing and wonderful people at The Rock Space have invited Mystic Mojo to their location in Kitchener for some fun, laughs, and psychic stuff. 

Every 2 months practicioners of Mystic Mojo are heading up to 396-B Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON
where they will be doing healings and readings and meeting people.  
This is an all day event so come in and join us. This month (MAY) meet Reiki Master Lynn and Niki.


Coming Soon

New Events coming soon

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Learn To Read You Crystals

With one set of workshops down and a rave review from many of the students Sean is ready for his next set. With May being busy he has opted to start the next workshop on June 2nd starting at 6:30pm. 

This is the same workshop as the first one, it is a basic understanding of how to read your crystals.

From this he will be looking at possibly doing a second level but for now he is working toward giving those who enojy and feel the energy of crystals a new and unique was of using them.

For more information call 905-547-3626 and ask for Sean. 

Events Coming Soon.png

Coming Soon

New Events Coming Soon

Niagara Region Pagan Festival

This festival is the first in a long time that Mystic Mojo will be attending. Thanks to the amazing people at the Purple Pentacle we are heading to Niagara Falls.
We will have reader's and product ready for you to peruse.
For more information you can check out 

Crazy for Crystals (MAY)

The last two Crazy for Crystals are upon us. We have looked at the sheets and there are 4 seats for the 10am start calss. That is for each of the workshops that are left. 
You can start your journey now with these two remaining classes then hold on until we START ALL OVER FROM #1. 
For more information call 905-547-3626

Tea Leaf Reading (Summer Addition)

With the popularity of our Tea Leaf Reading workshop in March we've decided to open up two days this summer to teach Tasseography.
Join Lynn and Lisa as they teach you this ancient art. 
There are two dates: Aug. 26th or Aug. 27th but there are several times to choose from. 
10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm. You only have to choose one date and one time to attend.
For more information call 905-547-3626

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