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Crazy for Crystals

With the first installment of Crazy for Crystals done we are excited to announce that @kw.rockspace has agreed to have Niki back for 4 more workshops.

If you enjoyed your introducting to Crazy for Crystals you have the chance to experince it 4 more times. 

Each workshop has 22 new stones to learn about, all of which you keep. 

Sign up with us at Mystic Mojo. 905-547-3626

E-tranfer, credit card, and in person payments are available.

You only have to sign up for one of the times available so choose the one that best suits your schedule.

We look forward to meeting you

Reiki Level 2 with 4Dragons

Are you ready to take your energy healing practice to new heights? Join us for an extraordinary journey as we delve deeper into the world of Reiki with our Reiki Level 2 Course.

This next step in your spiritual evolution will empower you to harness and channel universal life force energy with even greater potency and precision.

Reiki level 1 required

Reiki LVL 2.png
REIKI Share.png


This September 24th from 3pm - 5pm join Lynn in this months Reiki Share. For those who have Reiki level 1 or higher this is a good oppertunity to meet people in the community and practice your healing energy sharing.

This workshops is FREE
Sign up with Mystic Mojo. 

Private Meditations or Group Meditations with Friends

Group meditation sessions with friends can be a meaningful and supportive way to maintain a regular meditation practice and create a sense of shared mindfulness and well-being. It's a beautiful way to connect on a deeper level while nurturing your own and your friends' inner peace and self-awareness.


One-on-one meditation sessions provide a focused and individualized approach to meditation that can help you deepen your practice, address specific challenges, and receive personalized guidance.


If any of these intrest you contact us at 905-547-3626 to organize a time and day that best fits your schedule.


Email: to speak directly with Lynn

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Crazy for Crystals (Fennell Ave)

Crazy for Crystals is our biggest workshop in both number of classes and popularity. 
Join Lisa as she takes up the torch teaching you about 22 crystals (that you get to take home) each class. With a colourful booklet to help remind you of each of the crystals uses. 

To join us in this amazing and fun workshop contact us at 905-547-3626

Bless and Clear December.png

Bless and Clear your Home

December 2nd, 2023

Learn many of the traditional ways to clear your home of "bla" energy and bless it with the abundance of new and positive energy. 
You will make your own mix of incense smoke to use, learn about the crystals that can help and many other different methods.

For more information contact 905-547-3626 and speak to one of the sales associates. 

Night With SpiritFB.png

Night With Spirit

Join us as we bring back one of our most successful events

Night with Spirit allows you to experience messages from your family, guides, and angels as not just One, but multiple mediums walk the room in order to give messages to those who are attending. 

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