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Crazy 4 Crystals

Crazy for Crystals or C4C, is an 8-month-long, 16-part course that offers the chance to learn about 352 crystals, that is 22 crystals per class. If that seems like a lot, it is. There are so many crystals that do so many different things, this is the tip of the iceberg. That is why we designed each class as a stand-alone workshop so you can take one or more classes without feeling as though you have to take them all.

Date: PART 11 - Saturday, March 9th

Time: 10am-1pm OR 2pm-5pm (choose one of these times)

Date: PART 12 - Saturday, March 23rd

Time: 10am-1pm OR 2pm-5pm (choose one of these times)

Cost: $60 per person/per class (take home all 22 crystals covered in class)

          OR $200 per person/for 4 classes (choose 4 of the classes you would like to take)

          OR $300 per person/for 6 classes (this covers Part 11-16)

          OR $800 per person/for 16 classes (no matter where you start you will be paid up for all 16 classes. So when we                                                                           start the rotation again, you will be notified to attend)

                      store for details on payment plans

Crazy For Crystals Part 11

How do you choose your crystals? Do you use sight, touch, or energy? Maybe all three? Once you get your crystal, what do you do with it? How do you know that this crystal is the one you need? These are questions that are important to ask when you are looking for a crystal to fit your needs. These are also questions that we answer in our workshops. Not everyone does exactly what we do, but we'll show you what works for us. In this workshop you will be given the opertunity to feel the energy of the crystals, if you don't resinate that's okay. Not all crystals like everyone, that's why there are so many. 

Just a warning, the energy can get pretty unpredictable in the classes, a lot of laughing will occur. 

If this sounds like a workshop that will help you get better connected to a part of your path, or if you are new to crystals and are looking to learn more about them 

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Crazy For Crystals Part 12

C4C Insta.png

Crystals have never been 100% scientifically proven to work. Why would I tell you this if I wanted you to come to our workshop about crystals? Well, thousands of people use them every day to help with mental, physical, and spiritual balance. Are thousands of people wrong? No. Is science wrong? No. 

Like all metaphysical work that is done, it is up to the individual's belief in what works and what doesn't. We can't always prove the benefits, at least through science, but they are there.

Even the person who works with us who says "It's just a rock" get's benefits from certain crystals because not all crystals work for them, but some do. 

In our workshops, we will give you the tools to understand the connection you may have with crystals. We will cover 22 crystals and give you the basic benefits of those crystals so you can make the right call when you need a crystal to help.


Warning; the energy in the classroom gets kind of crazy, and there will be a lot of laughing involved.

If this is a subject that you have been interested in, or know and would just like to learn more 

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