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Crazy 4 Crystals

Crazy for Crystals in Kitchener is back by popular demand at The Rock Space! After a successful launch last year, we're excited to offer six additional sessions, totaling ten workshops. For further details, read on or reach out to us at the store.

Crazy for Crystals or C4C, is an 8-month-long, 15-part course that offers the chance to learn about 352 crystals, that is 22 crystals per class. If that seems like a lot, it is. There are so many crystals that do so many different things, this is the tip of the iceberg. That is why we designed each class as a stand-alone workshop so you can take one or more classes without feeling as though you have to take them all.

Cost: $60 per person/per class (take home all 22 crystals covered in class)

          OR $200 per person/for 4 classes (choose 4 of the classes you would like to take)

          OR $300 per person/for 6 classes (this covers Part 11-15)

          OR $800 per person/for 15 classes (no matter where you start you will be paid up for all 15 classes. So when we                                                                           start the rotation again, you will be notified to attend)

C4C Hamilton has completed and will be back in October 2024. If you want to take all 15 and would like to start a payment plan to help make the cost easier, you can contact us at the link below.


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Crazy for The Rock Space

The  Rock Space is an amazing space providing crystals and special pieces in Kitchener Ontario. We have been working with them to bring a little piece of Mystic to their hometown with visits from some of our card readers, healers, and others but, this is special to us. 

When we brought  Crazy for Crystals to The Rock Space we hoped it would take off and it did.  

Now we are bringing the next set of 6.


Crazy for Crystals #5-#10 is a set of workshops providing information about many different types of crystals. Overall, each session gives you insight into 22 crystals, that you take home, along with a quick reference booklet provided by us. These classes are designed to be stand-alone but as a group, you will realize that each class is a level higher in energy when it comes to the crystals you are learning about.  

If this seems like something that you would be interested in then contact us at Mystic Mojo and we can set you up. 


Crazy For Crystals

We have completed all 15 of our Crazy for Crystals workshop, at least for now. Keep watch for updates on when in October we will be back. We are starting where it all began, C4C #1.

If you are interested and would like to start a payment plan to make the cost easier you can contact us through the link below and get started.

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